April 27, 2012


I FINALLY got a good picture of Lily's teeth!  It was a complete accident too.  She had just finished lunch and I grabbed the camera to take some pictures of her because her hair was such a mess.  She just happened to smile the perfect smile when I took the picture!

Today was one of those lazy days where I didn't feel like doing anything.  I did manage to vacuum the living room, and I fed Lily and changed her diapers and did all of those other mommy duties.  I did not, however, change Lily out of her PJ's or do her hair...  

Instead we spent the day rolling around on the ground together, cuddling on the couch, racing across the floor, and playing airplane.  I think those are good alternatives to getting dressed. :)

Lily has been army crawling like crazy lately!!  I don't think she'll ever crawl normally because she can army crawl so fast!

Today she ended up crawling almost completely inside her exer-saucer.

It was a crazy hair day!!

Her smile is contagious.

Hmmm I found a water bottle...

Mom, can I play with your water bottle?...

Too late!!

We had a wonderfully lazy day together.

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