June 7, 2011

BIG Baby

It's official.

This baby in my belly is huge.

The doctor confirmed this at my appointment last Thursday. I was 29 weeks along last week, but after measuring me, the doctor said that she was measuring 31 weeks. He estimated that she already weighed about 4 pounds! That made me feel a little bit better about the 22 pounds I had gained thus far. I had just passed my glucose test a few weeks before that so the doctor knew that I was not diabetic. He said that the only explanation was her daddy's genes... Have I mentioned that Alec was 11 lbs. 3 oz. when he was born? I was no skinny minnie either. I weighed in at 8 lbs. 15 oz.

We asked the doctor if this meant that she could come early and he said that it was very likely. This made me MORE than happy. I would love to be able to have a little bit more recovery time before fall semester starts.

Needless to say, this made Alec slightly nervous and we ended up having a very productive weekend because of it. He wants to make sure everything is done well before she gets here.

The Baby Room

Alec and I have been planning on changing the baby room for what feels like forever and we were FINALLY able to paint last weekend!

That room had been used as a "junk" room. It has taken us a while to get rid of/find other places in our small apartment for the junk.

Here are some before pictures. This was after we had started our organization project so the room looks like a disaster, but you get the idea.

Here is the infamous closet...

Like I said, the "junk" room.

This is the box spring and mattress that came with the apartment. You can see the blue/grey walls in the background. They didn't quite work with the color palette I had in mind.

Here's what we have done to the room so far:

  1. Took about 4 large garbage bags of stuff to good will. That felt good.
  2. Organized the closet... that was probably the biggest task.
  3. Organized our closed so we could fit the clothes in the dresser in our room.
  4. Bought bed raisers so that we could store some stuff under our bed. Alec had fun putting those on by himself since I am no help when it comes to heavy lifting.
  5. Disassembled the bed that came with the apartment. Alec and I moved the mattress into our land-lady's house and got rid of the box spring for her.
  6. Took down the EXTREMELY wobbly shelf.
  7. Made a frame for decoration on one of the walls.
  8. Patches the walls.
  9. Cleaned like crazy!!
  10. PAINTED!!
  11. Put up some corner shelves.

You can see all of the tests we did on the wall before we chose the color. We went through 4 different samples before we could make a decision!

Here's Alec painting. I did most of the trim, but Alec really did most of the work. I was a good cheerleader though. :)

And here are the walls with the fresh coat of paint!

We had to keep the walls pretty neutral, but we were very pleased with the color.

You can see the crib on the right and the changing table on the left (Thanks Cameron and Melissa!). The dresser will be moved out in a couple of weeks. We were pretty proud of the job we did. I love how much warmer the color is in there. I will post more pictures as we finish more of the room!

We are so close to being done I can taste it! I feel like I'll be ready for this baby as soon as the room is done.