May 12, 2011

A Blunder at the Gas Station

On our way down to California last weekend, we had to stop a little bit more than usual to appease my aching legs and whining bladder. Our last stop before we arrived in Phelan was a gas station in Barstow. I used the ladies room, and then I remembered that I forgot to pack my hair brush. We grabbed one along with some snack I was craving and then stood in line to be rung up.

The man at the register seemed nice enough, but he wasn't very chatty with any of the other customers. He looked to be in his late 20's or early 30's, and he had a buzzed head and some tattoos. When we finally got up to the register, he asked "How long do you have left?" I was slightly puzzled by this question. I looked at Alec who looked equally puzzled. We both looked a little ragged since we had been in the car for close to 9 hours, so I thought that maybe he was asking how long we had left before we arrived at our destination. I answered, "About 45 minutes." The look on his face told me my answer was wrong. Then he asked "Do you know what you're having?" Then I understood and started laughing inside! He didn't seem like the type of person who would be interested in my pregnancy. I told him we were having a girl and he proceeded to talk about the 2 boys he has at home and how he always wanted a little girl.

We paid for my brush and snack and said goodbye as we walked out the door. As soon as we were outside, I burst into laughter! We talked about what the man must have been thinking when I answered his question with "About 45 minutes." Oh, ya know, we were just on our way to the hospital to deliver, but I forgot my hairbrush and needed a little snack!

I'm still not used to everyone being able to tell that I'm pregnant by looking at me. I better get used to it before I have another one of these blunders at some other gas station.

A Little Update

It has been a while since I last posted anything. We have been so busy lately! I thought I would give a little update on our lives.

For Easter, we visited Lauren, Jeff, and Ava at their new home in Idaho Falls! It's such a beautiful town-home. It made Alec and I dream for the day when we can move in to a bigger place. We LOVE our apartment now, but it's getting pretty cramped with all of the baby stuff. Anyway, we had a great time with them in Idaho! My parents and younger brothers came up as well, and Alec and I had our first meal at Famous Dave's. If you have not been there, you NEED to. Just make sure you're not planning on eating anything for at least 5 hours after you partake of their feast. :)

Alec and I drove down to California last weekend. We were able to spend time with family for Mother's Day. On Saturday, we went to our niece's baseball games. It was so fun to watch them! Our skin, however, did not like it so much. Both Alec and I left with nice sunburns. We have been in this Utah winter for far too long! On Sunday, we had a delicious Mother's Day dinner at the Pratt's. Then on Monday, we went to my brother, Cameron's spring choir concert. He did such a great job! Also on Monday, we picked up a TON of baby stuff from Alec's brother and sister-in-law! I mean a TON! We had to borrow Alec's parents' truck just to get it all up here! They were so wonderful to let us use all of their gear! We now have: a crib, changing table, baby swing, car seat, stroller, 2 bases for the car seat, an exer-saucer, a bunch of clothes, and a few other small things here and there. We were so excited to get it all home. Getting it in the house, however, was difficult for Alec since I wasn't really any help with the big stuff...

The baby is doing well! My belly is just getting bigger by the day! Sometimes I feel like there is no way that I can get any bigger than I already am, and then I remember that I still have 3 months to go... I'm pretty sure that by the end, I will look like there is a watermelon sticking straight out of me. This little girls definitely likes to kick quite a bit and she's only getting stronger. The other day, we were listening to the Noteworthy CD in the car and she started violently kicking me in the ribs! We would like to think that it was because she recognized my voice singing on the CD. ;) We can't wait to meet this little one!

Other than our recent travels, Alec and I have been working full-time and organizing and reorganizing our apartment. Sometimes, I feel like that could be a full-time job by itself! We're excited for summer to get here!