July 27, 2011

Rational Fear of Spiders

I don't like spiders...
Just ask Alec. I do not go near any spider that is bigger than a dime if I can help it.

Living in a basement apartment has been a little bit of a problem because we get more spiders and other creepy crawlers than we would if we were in a third story apartment. Luckily, we just have to spray some home defense bug spray outside each spring and we are all clear.

Well, this spring, when Alec went to spray the bug spray outside, the sprayer broke. He was able to spray around some of the house, but he didn't quite get the same barrier that we had when he sprayed last spring.

I've never been bitten or had any real problems with spiders. I've never had a run-in with any HUGE spiders. They really just creep me out. I would say that my fear of spiders was irrational....

Until last night...

I woke up at around 1:30am to go to the bathroom (a usual occurrence). On my way back to bed, I noticed a very large spider in the doorway of the baby room. This really freaked me out because our baby will be sleeping in there eventually. I looked at the spider and it looked like a brown recluse, so I got a plastic cup so Alec could look at it later, but I couldn't catch it! So I did the shameful thing... I woke up Alec from his restful sleep. I just didn't want the spider to get away!! So he caught the spider and he took a picture of it so we could zoom in on it. Then we went back to bed after decided to wait to kill the spider until the morning.

It took me forever to fall asleep again because I had the heebie jeebies, but I eventually did... but I didn't sleep for long.

I woke up at around 3:45am to a spider crawling across my face!!

I squished it, threw it on the floor, sat up faster than I have in a very long time, and yelled a little bit. Alec woke up, of course, and asked what was wrong. I explained very dramatically that a spider had just attacked me. Alec got up to get the flashlight from the laundry room and on his way back, he found ANOTHER spider as big as the first, near the bathroom!! He put that one under a cup as well, and we made sure that the first spider was still under its cup. Then he sprayed them both with bug spray. We looked on the floor next to my side of the bed and found the spider that I had squished on my face.

By this point, we both had a case of the heebie jeebies and couldn't get back to sleep. We ended up watching an episode of 24 on Netflix because we were so wide awake. We finally fell asleep a little after 5 am.

This morning, we went to look at the spiders that Alec had sprayed a few hours before, and THEY WERE STILL ALIVE!! They had somehow survived the bug spray shower Alec had subjected them to a few hours before. He sprayed them again and this time they were goners.

3 different spiders in one night, including one where the spider was on my face, was too much for me!!
Needless to say, we will be buying more home defense bug spray today so we don't have another night like last night.

July 15, 2011

The Beginning of the End

Last week was the beginning of the end for me at work...

I started training my replacement.

I have known when my last day of work would be a long time ago, but the end of July just seemed so far away! Now it's July 21st! I can't lie... I am pretty excited to quit. It's not that I haven't enjoyed my job and I feel extremely lucky to have had such a great job as a student, but I am ready to nest and working from 8 to 5, Monday through Friday doesn't leave me with enough time to do so. :)

I made a huge list of all of the things that we want to do between now and when the baby decides to show her pretty little face. We'll see if my body can meet my high expectations... My new sleep schedule (waking up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom and then taking forever to go back to sleep) has wreaked havoc on my body. Sitting in an office chair all day when my body is already sore has been wreaking even more havoc on my body, but that will be remedied very soon.

For now I'm just anxiously awaiting August and hoping this baby of mine gives me a week to check everything off of my list... but no more than a week... I don't think I can handle having a bun in this oven too far into the blistering heat of August. I'm also hoping that my sister, Lauren has her baby soon!! We want our babies to be best friends, but we don't want them to have the same birthday... :)

July 13, 2011

Sunday Walk

A few weeks ago, Alec and I decided to go on a Sunday walk to the temple. It was a beautiful day that ended with an even more beautiful sunset.

It took a bench, the self-timer, and SEVERAL tries to get this picture. I think this one turned out all right though.

This picture is my favorite! As the sun set, the temple turned a beautiful shade of pink. We took this picture just in time.

We can't wait to go on Sunday walks with the baby once she's here!

Kids Say the Darndest Things

My belly is pretty huge and people are not afraid to tell me so. I can probably count on one hand the number of days in the past month or so that someone has not told me how big my belly is and how I look like I'm about to pop. I really don't mind that much. At least I know my baby is healthy, and I am still in the healthy range for weight gain during pregnancy.

I know that I look huge now, but I remember feeling like I was so small for so long! All I wanted was for people to be able to tell I was pregnant by just looking at me. It's weird to think back on it now. I would love it if I could take off my belly for an hour so I could take a nap on my stomach. :)

Anyway, I was looking through some old pictures and I came across this one.

Alec took this one of me some time at the end of March, so I was just under 20 weeks along. I still wasn't showing much, but I was starting to feel like a real live pregnant woman.

I remembered that the night Alec took this picture, I went to a Noteworthy performance. After the performance, I was at the merchandise table selling CD's and a young teenage girl came up and talked to me for a little bit. Here's how the conversation went:

Girl: "So is this your first?"
Me: (slightly surprised) "Yes this is."
Girl: "Oh so when are you due?"
Me: "Not until August."
Girl: (slightly awkwardly) "Oh okay..."

And then she walked away. I felt a little bit awkward as she walked away. I was perfectly friendly and I didn't really think anything of the fact that she could tell I was pregnant. I felt pregnant so I thought it made sense, but now when I look back at this picture, I realize that she was definitely a brave girl!! I definitely would not have asked another woman as big as I was if she was pregnant. At least now there is no mistaking the fact that I am most definitely pregnant...

July 5, 2011

4th of July!

This 4th of July weekend was a busy one! Our close friend Amy's band, The Whits made it to the top 3 of a talent competition which meant they got to perform at the Stadium of Fire! We decided that we HAD to go to Stadium of Fire this year! Alec found out that they have a Stadium of Fire choir every year that you can just sign up for and you get in for free. We thought this would be a perfect way to go without forking out the dough for the tickets.

Here's a picture of us performing with the choir. In case you can't find me, I'm the one with the HUGE belly in the middle. I wasn't too happy about having to wear a white blouse... white isn't the most slimming color. Alec is about 5 people to the left of me. This was during the song I got to sing a solo in. It was really fun, despite the angry look on my face in the picture! haha!

We had Monday off of work so we had a little BBQ with a few of the Perdue cousins! We went up to Rock Canyon Park and had a great time!

Alec had a lot of fun playing badminton with Corey. I was glad that I could just sit, watch, and take pictures. :) I wasn't about to try to waddle around in that heat!

I don't know why I find this picture so funny!! They both look like they're dancing!

Lastly, here is a picture Alec took of me the same day as the BBQ. I was 34 weeks at the time. I didn't realize how big I was until I looked at this picture! All I can say is this baby better not be stubborn and stay in there past her due date!