April 24, 2012

All About Lily

Really what post is not about Lily on this blog?... I just can't help myself!

Lily sure is becoming quite the little character. She loves attention! She babbles all the time and matches the volume of her surroundings so she's heard.

She knows when we're about to take a picture of her and she smiles for the camera or phone! I am a terrible photographer so it is nice that she smiles long enough for me to take enough pictures to get the shot.

She says mama and dada all the time. She also says blah blah with a lot of attitude which makes me laugh. The other day, she was sitting on the floor playing with some toys and she turned around, looked at me, and said "Mama!" It melted my heart.

Lily loves to do raspberries. She learned from her daddy. :)  Her favorite time to practice her raspberries is when she is eating... She also clicks her tongue and tries to imitate any noise that we make.

She finally got her first tooth!! Then she got a second... and a third!  They sure are sharp! She now has two top teeth and one bottom tooth.

Her absolute favorite toy is a plastic cup... That's right. Her favorite isn't one of the many toys we and her many adoring relatives and friends have bought her. She prefers a simple plastic cup. She loves putting it up to her mouth like she's drinking out of it and talking. I think she likes the echo-y sound it makes.  She also loves anything that we are touching or using.  In this case, it was my computer...

She isn't crawling yet, but that doesn't mean she's immobile... She rolls all over the place and does the army crawl all the time.  When she's sitting and wants to crawl, she does the splits to get onto her tummy.

Lily has become quite the crazy sleeper. After 7 months of sleeping on her back, she decided that she wanted to sleep on her stomach. She has also decided that sleeping with her head at the head of the crib and her feet at the foot of the crib is boring. She twists and turns every which way until she ends up in a seemingly uncomfortable position, and then she falls asleep.  Sometimes I walk into her room only to find that she has stuck one of her appendages out between the bars.  Often times she has both of her legs sticking out.

Her hair is soooooo long!!  I'm trying to let it grow out, but there are sections right behind her ears that grow much faster than the rest of her hair, so I've had to trim those sections a few times.  Her hair is always a MESS when she wakes up in the morning.

She is still a thumb-sucker.  We have tried to get her to take a pacifier, but now she just views it as a toy.

Lily has a love of eating my nose. She does it to Alec too. She put both hands on my cheeks, then grabs my hair and pulls my face to hers. She then proceeds to bite my nose and slobber all over me. I think it's how she gives me a kiss. :)

Lily is growing into an adorable little girl. I still can't believe she is 8 1/2 months old!! We sure are enjoying every moment with our beautiful baby girl.


  1. Too cute TOo cute TOOOOOOO CUTE!!! i'm in love.

  2. I love her! These pictures are too cute. I miss her already so keep the updates coming :)

  3. She is so cute!!!

    Emily had that where two strands grew super long near her ears. It was weird! Once Lily hits one it should start to grow more evenly. Pigtails in no time!

  4. Oh that baby is TOOOOO cute!!! And I love how big she is when she goes spread eagle!