March 28, 2012


Our weekend trip to California included:

time spent with family
stroller rides around USC
Lily getting a performer from one of the a cappella groups to give her his handkerchief by smiling at him
4 wardrobe changes in one day for Lily...
and sunglasses!!

She's gotta be the cutest baby I've ever seen. :)

Thanks for the pictures Cassie!

March 20, 2012


No I'm not pregnant. Haha! Wouldn't that be funny...

One of my closest friends is about 6 months pregnant and hearing her talk about her pregnancy makes me think about mine. It's amazing how the mind works. I almost feel like I have blocked out all of the pain and discomfort I felt. I can say that I almost ("almost" being the operative word) miss being pregnant. It was just such an exciting time. Sometimes I think back about how miserable I thought I was during the last trimester, but I can't really remember how the pain felt and I am still so excited for when I am pregnant again. I always wondered how some women could have 4, 5, or 6 children even when they were sick the whole pregnancy or had horrible deliveries. Now I know. I wasn't sick the whole time and I actually had a very pleasant delivery(if you can call delivering an almost 10 lb baby pleasant), but when I think about it, I only remember the good things.

Don't worry! We don't have any plans to get pregnant ANY time soon... I am most definitely enjoying my perfect little only child. :) It's still fun to day dream about it though.

I also forget how incredibly HUGE I was right before I delivered!! The last belly picture I took was at 38 weeks, exactly one week before Lily was born.

Look at that thing!! It looks like someone stuffed a watermelon up my shirt! I can barely fit my arms around it!! It's a good thing Lily came a week early. I don't think I could have handled delivering a baby any bigger than 9 lb 10 oz. Just think how big the next one will be...

So, here's to pregnancy! I'm so excited for you Alyssa!

March 14, 2012

The Messy Life I Lead

WARNING: The following post includes the words pee and throw up. Continue reading at your own risk.

Lily woke up late this morning. She kept falling asleep while I was nursing her so I thought that she might go back to sleep, but she eventually woke up. I took her to her room and laid her on her changing table to change her diaper.

Her wet diaper was off for no more than a second when she began to pee...

I guess I didn't let her wake up long enough before changing her diaper. She hadn't had a chance to relieve herself. :)

After I fed her breakfast, cleaned her up, and got her dressed, I took Lily to Alec's work so I could go to class. While Alec had her, he smelled a stinky diaper so he decided to change it.

Her diaper was off for no more than a second when she began to pee... again!!

Really, Lily?? When I got back to Alec's office after class, his door was shut (he normally keeps it open). When I went in, I found a slightly flustered daddy, a half naked baby, and a pile of peed in clothes in a bag on the floor...

I put my topless daughter in her stroller and put her bib on. I thought that it would disguise the fact that she was naked... It was sunny outside anyway, so I had both of the canopies covering her. Lily napped when we got home and then she got a bath. Before long, it was time for me to go to work. While at work, Lily threw up all down her front... I hadn't learned my lesson from earlier in the day and I forgot to pack an extra onsie.

Oh what a messy day we had!! But how can I be mad at a face like this?... Besides, she cleans up pretty nice. :)