March 18, 2010

The Proposal

So I decided it was time to tell the story of how it all began: The Proposal. You see, it all started when Alec went home to California to visit family in July. The night I picked him up from the airport, we went for a walk and he asked me if I would go on a real date with him that Friday. I said yes of course. We had both been really busy and hadn't had time for more than just hanging out at one of our apartments or going on short walks. I was so excited for our date.
The next day, I was talking to my sister on the phone and she said that she would be in Provo for the weekend and she wanted to go to dinner... on Friday. I had to say yes. I didn't get to see her that often and I couldn't turn her down. I told Alec and he was completely fine with postponing our date. I told him that I would go to dinner with my sister, hang out with her for a little while, and then we could still go on our date that night. So, Friday came and my best friend, Chelsea (who happened to be visiting me that week) suggested that we also go to Sundance ski resort to ride the summer ski lift. It was supposed to be a beautiful view. This was the most horrible idea I had ever heard! We would miss our reservation at the restaurant and it would be too late to go out with Alec when we were done. I protested, but my sister thought that it was a wonderful idea and she begged me... I caved. We drove out to Sundance and my sister bought us all tickets to the ski lift.

It turned out to be a beautiful view! We had so much fun.

Lauren brought her video camera with her (she told me that my mom and dad wanted to see how I was doing...) and we goofed off the whole ride up there.

We reached the top, turned the corner, and who did we see standing there... Alec! He was wearing my favorite shirt of his and the watch that I bought him. I was shocked to see him there. He was holding a bouquet of flowers and when we got closer I could see that he was really nervous. My sister continued filming as he got down on one knee and proposed!

I freaked out and kissed and hugged him, completely forgetting about the whole ring part. Then he reminded me that he was holding a little something in his hand.

We rode down the ski lift while people congratulated us.

And I, of course, called my mom.

Alec took us all out to dinner after our ride on the ski lift. I'm not really sure why we look so serious in this picture. We were just discussing what we were going to eat!

And that is our story. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect proposal, and the part Alec is so proud of, is that I was completely surprised.