February 1, 2012


Being a mom is very hard work. Having a job is also hard work in a very different way. Doing them at the same time, however, is a whole different story...

Alec and I are poor students, so we knew that when we had Lily, we wouldn't be able to afford getting a baby-sitter for classes. Luckily, we were able to work out our schedules so while one of us is in class or at work, the other is home with Lily. Then, one of my old co-workers asked me if I would want to come back to my old job and work for her 6-10 hours/week. We needed the money, and the hours fit our schedule perfectly... with one exception.

Sorry about the blurry picture! I took it with my phone.

Every Wednesday is go with Mommy to work day!

If you were to walk up to my desk, you may see something like this...

or this...

I'll lay down a blanket on the floor by my desk and let her roll around down there until she causes too much trouble. Then she gets to sit in Mom's lap while I tend to my front desk duties. She loves to smile at everyone who comes to the desk and she especially loves Mommy's keyboard.

Lily is usually very well behaved (usually being the operative word) as long as she is entertained by her toys or by people walking by and coming to talk to us.

All I can say is that I have mastered typing with one hand and multi-tasking.


  1. You know you're a Mom when you can do ANYTHING one handed!

  2. I can't imagine how hard that would be! She sure looks cute though!

  3. I love bring-Lily-to-work days! :) It means I get to hear her cute noises from around the corner!