February 12, 2012

6 Months Already??!!

Six months ago, this beautifully chubby little baby girl came into our lives!

Newborn stats:
Height: 20 1/2 inches
Weight: 9 lbs 10 oz

I cannot believe that half a year has already gone by! She has gone from this small (relatively) infant, to...

A happy, smiling, baby!!

Here are the stats from her 6 month check-up:
Height: 27 1/2 inches
Percentile: Off the chart... haha!
Weight: 21 lbs 2 oz
Percentile: Off the chart hahahaha!!

Are any of you that even know Alec surprised?? Alec is 6' 4" and weighed 11 lbs 3 oz when he was born, remember? We were destined to have a large baby.

Lily still has beautiful blue eyes and brown hair. Her hair has lightened up a bit since she was born though.

Lily is soooooo smiley!!
She is also a very social baby. Whenever she sees someone, she just can't help but smile at them! And they can't help but smile back! I mean how could you resist.

Lily was a terrible sleeper in the beginning, then she became a pretty good sleeper, and now she is only a good sleeper when she's in Mom and Dad's bed. I can't say I mind. :)

Lily's hair is about 5 inches long now. Her hair is now so long that I have to put it up in a ponytail most days. It goes down to her nose when it is combed straight down.

Lily's laugh is so contagious. She especially likes to laugh at Daddy. He's goofy. :)

One of Lily's favorite things to do is play airplane, and she has more rolls than I can count.

Lily's skin is pasty white! She got my skin. We thought she had her dad's skin when she was first born, but it quickly became lighter and eventually looked exactly like my skin... I'm sorry Lily!

She loves to chew on anything she can get ahold of, even her toes. She's a flexible one!
And she sucks her thumb... (we're working on that)

We can't imagine life without this little rascal! She is such an amazing blessing. As it says in one of her favorite bed time books, we love her through and through, yesterday, today, and tomorrow too!

Happy Half Birthday Lily!!

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