March 1, 2011

Our Day in Florida!

Noteworthy was invited to sing at a benefit event for MD Anderson Hospital in Orlando, Florida last weekend. They agreed to pay for all of our expenses AND they even agreed to fly the director and her husband (aka Alec and I) out for the concert! We were extremely excited despite the fact that it was going to be a rather short trip. By short, I mean short.

The rest of the girls flew out Thursday morning, but I had a Women's Chorus concert that night so Alec and I flew out Friday morning. We got to the Orlando airport at around 6pm Friday night. The weather was AMAZING! It was so warm and humid, but not too humid. Just enough for my skin to be in heaven.

On Saturday, Noteworthy performed at Lake Eola (pictured below).

It was so beautiful there! Our hotel was right by the lake (it's one of those buildings at the top of the picture) so it was perfect. The weather that day was in the 80's so I got to wear the dress Alec got me for my birthday!

Unfortunately, Alec got pretty sick on Saturday with a really high fever, but we still got to spend quite a bit of time out and about during the day. We're pretty sure he got sick because we decided that this was going to be like a honeymoon since we never truly got one. We are cursed with poor health when it comes to honeymoons. :)

We left for the airport Sunday morning at 5:15 am Utah time. I did say it was only a day in Florida. It was a full day of traveling! We flew from Orlando to Milwaukee, from Milwaukee to Phoenix where we had a two hour layover, and then we flew from Phoenix to Salt Lake City. We arrived at the Salt Lake airport at 7:45 pm... Talk about a long day.

Even though it was a pretty short trip, it was a wonderful break from school and from the cold. Now I'm ready for summer. :)

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  1. Sounds like a fun (short) trip! :) I'm so jealous of the 80 degree weather! That's so confusing about your due date! Holy cow! We're excited to find out what you're having!