July 26, 2012

Those Blue Eyes...

I can't get enough of Lily's bright blue eyes.  

We just got these pictures back from the Raps family photos we took with Blue Lily Photography a few weeks ago.  I love them!!  She did such a good job and she was so good with Ava and the babies!  Here are some of my favorites.

She's a cutie and she's almost a year old!!  I can't believe how fast she is growing up!

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  1. I love Lily's expressions so much. She is such a photogenic little angel!

    I've been blog-stalking you for forever and I finally decided to make it easier on myself and make it official--I'm following you now. :)

    PS we should get everyone from way back when together sometime soon! I miss us!

    I blog at What's in a Name?

    Love ya!