August 23, 2011


Our little girl sure does like to sleep... just not at night. Her days and nights are a little bit mixed up right now so she sleeps great during the day! She sleeps pretty well in her swing or on a blanket next to us on the floor or the couch, but her favorite place to sleep is in her daddy's arms on the couch like this...

Aren't they cute!? A few nights ago, she was up ALL night. And I really mean all night. By 4 am, Alec and I decided to go out in the living room since we weren't getting any sleep anyway. We turned on the TV and Alec held Lily like in the picture above. She fell asleep almost instantly. She then proceeded to sleep for 3 hours...

I know that we'll eventually just have to let her cry in her crib one night if we ever want to sleep again at night. That is something I am dreading...


  1. Kelsey - I think every baby gets their days and nights mixed up - at least all of mine did! Just keep repeating this: "In five years she will be in Kindergarten, n five years she will be in Kindergarten!" I can't wait to see you and Lily.

    Love, Susan

  2. After seeing Lily this last weekend, I think you should have 12 babies!!! She is so cute! Oh, and about the sleeping thing...I hear you! Honestly, I think some babies just have to cry it out eventually when they are older and mature enough to know that bedtime means bedtime. Ava was 9 months when we finally let her cry it out...and it was the worst night of my life! I felt so bad, but it worked after a few nights!