July 5, 2011

4th of July!

This 4th of July weekend was a busy one! Our close friend Amy's band, The Whits made it to the top 3 of a talent competition which meant they got to perform at the Stadium of Fire! We decided that we HAD to go to Stadium of Fire this year! Alec found out that they have a Stadium of Fire choir every year that you can just sign up for and you get in for free. We thought this would be a perfect way to go without forking out the dough for the tickets.

Here's a picture of us performing with the choir. In case you can't find me, I'm the one with the HUGE belly in the middle. I wasn't too happy about having to wear a white blouse... white isn't the most slimming color. Alec is about 5 people to the left of me. This was during the song I got to sing a solo in. It was really fun, despite the angry look on my face in the picture! haha!

We had Monday off of work so we had a little BBQ with a few of the Perdue cousins! We went up to Rock Canyon Park and had a great time!

Alec had a lot of fun playing badminton with Corey. I was glad that I could just sit, watch, and take pictures. :) I wasn't about to try to waddle around in that heat!

I don't know why I find this picture so funny!! They both look like they're dancing!

Lastly, here is a picture Alec took of me the same day as the BBQ. I was 34 weeks at the time. I didn't realize how big I was until I looked at this picture! All I can say is this baby better not be stubborn and stay in there past her due date!

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  1. I love that picture of you in the choir with a huge belly! haha! You can tell your baby that she was on stage even before she was born!