July 8, 2010

New Apartment!

So we moved into a new apartment at the end of May! It is a basement apartment near the stadium. It's within walking distance of both BYU campus and the temple. We LOVE it and I wanted to share some pictures!

I love our living room! It is so much bigger than our old apartment.

You see that door over there? It is a... laundry room. Yes I said laundry room, with a real live washer and dryer!! This was definitely a big selling point of the apartment.

We have 2 bedrooms now! Woo!! Not that we really need 2 yet, but it's nice to have the extra space.

The kitchen. It is about 3 times bigger than our old kitchen. Enough said.

Our land lady is the nicest widow named Millie! She is the best land lady ever! She doesn't charge utilities, she has Alec mow the lawn every week instead. We were so lucky to find such a great apartment when we did! I have learned, however, how much I HATE moving. We moved in right before we went to California to visit family, so our unpacking was postponed. It was not fun coming home to a huge mess, but we eventually emerged from the sea of boxes and got everything organized. I love living here and have decided that we will not be moving anytime soon.


  1. i love love your apartment!!! i hope we find one like that someday! i miss you :)

  2. That's the cutest college apt that I have ever seen... Good job decorating it Kelsey!