July 14, 2010


BYU Broadcasting is building a new, big, beautiful, building on campus which will be completed in November. Until then, we are stuck in the old building which has had it's better days... actually I'm not sure if it's days were ever better. Anyway, the thermostat in the building likes to over-compensate. It is just confused about appropriate temperatures. When it's summer, I feel like an icicle and when it's winter, I feel like I'm in an oven. This presents a problem when choosing what to wear to work especially when I have class that day as well.

I usually welcome the warm summer air when I walk outside after a day at work, but yesterday my reaction to the "warm" summer air was a little bit different. After a long day at work in the lovely old building, I walked outside feeling like an icicle. The moment the outside air touched my skin, I was shocked! It was so hot! By the time I got to my car, I was sweating. Then I opened my car door and took a deep breath because I new it would be the last comfortable one I would be able to take for a few minutes.

I turned on my car and the thermometer on my dashboard read 99 degrees. That was the outside temperature. My car is not known for having good air conditioning, so I rolled down the windows, but somehow a 99 degree breeze doesn't help cool you down when you're in an oven that looks like a car.

Luckily, it was nice and cool at home. Living in the basement apartment definitely has its benefits! I have learned that I would not survive in countries by the equator. I love feeling warm and I love the sun on my skin, but I don't like intense heat. I especially don't like intense heat inside my car. I think it may be time to buy one of those fancy sun reflectors for the windshield...

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