September 7, 2011

Sunday Best

Lily went to church for the first time on Sunday! She was great! She slept almost the whole time, and she was awake and happy when we got home so I could take some pictures of her in her church outfit.

Everyone had the same comment when they saw her. "Look at that hair!!" Everyone kept telling us that she would probably lose some of the hair she had at birth, but now she's 4 weeks old and she still has all of it! The color has gotten a little lighter though. You may be wondering how we get her hair to spike up like that. The answer: We don't do anything. We actually can't get it to do anything BUT spike straight up. We've tried brushing it back, to the side, forward, and we've tried not brushing it at all, but it always just sticks straight up. I can't wait until it's long enough for pig tails!!

Here's another picture just for fun. This is how she sleeps most of the time. She LOVES touching her face and having her hands up by her head. If only she would sleep this soundly at night... :)


  1. Peyton always slept like that too. She is so beautiful! I love her hair. I tried to get Peyton's to stick up and we couldn't!

  2. Oh gosh she is soo cute! Can't wait to see her again!