August 3, 2010

Vacation with the Raps Family

I love vacations, even if they are short. We were able to go on vacation with my side of the family a couple of weeks ago. We had so much fun! We stayed in a cabin in Island Park, ID and spent a day in Yellowstone and spent time together as a family. This was the first time my entire side of the family has been together since our wedding. Here are some pictures from the trip!

Two of the funniest moments of our day in Yellowstone:
1. Ava (my niece) was asking about some of the animals and Lauren (my sister) said "Yeah I think they're cantaloupe!!"
2. Ava saw some animals again (the animals in the picture above) and she said "Those are scary kitty-cats!!"
I love my family. :)

Old Faithful!

This is what my mom's face looks like when you pull her ear...

We found some more hot spings and geysers after we saw Old Faithful.

Then we found a hike! It was just a mile up to this beautiful waterfall! Here's our family at the end of the hike. I would like to note that both Lauren and Ava made it to the waterfall in flip-flops. Ava was living the lap of luxury though since the men took turns carrying her on their shoulders.

We went to Johnny Sack's cabin near Island Park and took a quick tour. This is a life-size carving of good ol' Johnny Sack. He was only 4'11"!!

Alec had to duck in the cabin whenever he went through doorways or went up the stairs. Oh the pains of being tall!

The water was so clear in the stream near the cabin!

We found this phone booth at a gas station in Island Park. I couldn't resist...

Yes, this is a bear... And where did we find it?... In a gas station... Only in Idaho.

The trip was so fun! I just wish it could have lasted longer! We also took family pictures when we all went back down to Provo! Stay tuned for the pictures!

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  1. Love the post! You should check mine out...I think we say most of the same stuff, haha! Love you!